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   2005| October-December  | Volume 15 | Issue 4  
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Osteopoikilosis : A case report
R Khot, JS Sikarwar, RP Gupta, GL Sharma
October-December 2005, 15(4):453-454
  14 5,238 388
Imaging features of osteoid osteoma in plain radiograph, CT and MR : A case report and review of literatures
P Goswami, N Medhi, PK Sarma, HS Das, P Hazarika
October-December 2005, 15(4):481-484
  5 11,640 814
Classical case of primary hyperparathyroidism
P Sharma, K Parikh, AP Chhabra, B Kapadia, PA Vorha, S Verma
October-December 2005, 15(4):485-487
  5 8,005 575
CT evaluation of mandibular osteomyelitis
KB Taori, R Solanke, SM Mahajan, V Rangankar, T Saini
October-December 2005, 15(4):447-451
Mandibular osteomyelitis often is associated with involvement of the soft tissues. The purpose of this study was to clarify the relationship between CT patterns and the presence of inflammation in soft tissues. 30 cases diagnosed with osteomyelitis of the mandible were evaluated with CT scans. CT patterns of osteomyelitis were classified into four types: lytic, sclerotic, mixed & sequestrum patterns. Location extent of the lesion and change of the cortical plate were evaluated. The data demonstrate a close interaction between cortical plate disruption and muscle inflammation. The extent of inflammation including soft tissue involvement was better appreciated with CT in osteomyelitis
  5 13,988 1,039
Retrograde Jejunogastric Intussusception
P Vohra, A Arora, N Parikh, M Vaghani, P Vaghela, V Vaidya, S Raniga
October-December 2005, 15(4):493-495
Jejunogastric intussusception (JGI) is a rare but potentially very serious complication of gastrectomy or gastrojejunostomy. To avoid mortality, early diagnosis and prompt surgical intervention is mandatory. The imaging findings are diagnostic, in which contrast studies and CT findings are very helpful. Endoscopy performed by someone familiar with this rare entity is certainly diagnostic. There is no medical treatment for Jejunogastric intussusception and surgical intervention is required for the definite treatment. [1] In our case, 42yrs old male patient, who was known case of Sickle cell disease and with the past history of Gastrojejunostomy done 14yrs back for a chronic bleeding duodenal ulcer, presented with vomiting and vague abdominal pain.
  4 3,715 283
Microcystic adenoma of pancreas
S Shivram, A Nagar, R Uppal, H Karmalkar, S Phatak
October-December 2005, 15(4):437-438
  3 2,907 242
A case of jejunouterine fistula
PA Vorha, Y Kumar, S Raniga, V Vaidya, S Verma, C Mehta
October-December 2005, 15(4):427-428
Jejunouterine fistula is an uncommon type of fistulous communication between the gastrointestinal tract and genital tract. A case of 40 years old female who developed such fistula following check curettage after vaginal delivery is reported. Importance of cross sectional imaging like ultrasonography, CT and MR and possible etiological factors are discussed.
  3 2,890 209
Gastrointestinal stromal tumour of stomach.
A Arora, M Vaghani, S Shah
October-December 2005, 15(4):429-431
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are rare and account for 0.1% -0.3% of all gastrointestinal neoplasms and 5.7% of sarcomas. GISTs were classified as smooth muscle tumors, namely, leiomyomas, leiomyosarcomas, until 1983, when electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry findings demonstrated a lack of smooth muscle and schwann cells. GISTs are now defined as spindle cell, epitheloid, or occasionally plemorphic mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, which express the KIT protein (CD117, stem cell factor receptor) detected at immunohistochemistry. Here we are presenting a case of 33yrs old female with a palpable lump in the epigastrium and vague abdominal pain in the epigastric region. The patient had undergone both the endoscpic examination and Barium meal study and had come to us for the computed tomographic examination.
  2 4,767 288
Efficacy of high resolution transabadominal sonography of the fluid filled stomach in the evaluation of gastric carcinomas
S Singh, V Chowdhury
October-December 2005, 15(4):421-426
AIM: To evaluate the efficacy of high-resolution transabdominal sonography of the fluid filled stomach in the evaluation of gastric carcinomas. Materials and Methods:- Fifty one patients with a clinical diagnosis of gastric disease were included in the study. The patients were taken for conventional abdominal sonography followed by high resolution transabdominal sonography of the fluid filled stomach. An UGI endoscopy was done in all 51 cases and biopsy taken from pathological / suspicious site. The accuracy of high resolution sonography of the fluid filled stomach was evaluated in the diagnosis of gastric carcinoma as compared to endoscopy. Results:- High resolution sonography diagnosed all 17 cases of gastric carcinoma while endoscopy failed to diagnose one case of scirrhous carcinoma. Sonography underestimated the intraluminal extent in two cases while endoscopy underestimated the extent in three cases. Sonography provided an estimate of the exogastric extent in the majority of the cases not available by endoscopy. However endoscopy has the advantage of direct biopsy being taken and histopathological correlation was obtained. Conclusion:- High resolution sonography is a supportive diagnostic modality and is a supplementary diagnostic procedure to endoscopy.
  2 4,692 307
A case of axillary cystic hygroma
S Mansingani, N Desai, A Pancholi, A Parajapati, PA Vohra, S Raniga
October-December 2005, 15(4):517-519
Lymphangiomas are benign congenital abnormalities of the lymphatic system. They are thought to arise from sequestrations of embryonic lymph sacs; these sacs are found in the neck and retroperitoneum. 75% of lymphangiomas occur in the neck. The abnormal ducts vary in size from microscopic to several centimeters and there is a variable component of fibrous adventitia. The large cystic lesions are also known as cystic hygromas. These lesions are commonly discovered as painless masses in otherwise healthy children under the age of two2.
  2 7,781 425
CNS Vasculitis : Not an uncommon entity
Shrinivas B Desai
October-December 2005, 15(4):419-420
  2 4,752 621
"Papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal duct cyst" - a case report and review of literature
K Taori, S Rohatgi, DM Mahore, J Dubey, T Saini
October-December 2005, 15(4):531-533
  2 5,799 364
Role of contrast enhanced MR in diagnosis of a sequestered disc : A case report and review of literature
R Birla, A Singh, A Kharat, U Phalke
October-December 2005, 15(4):489-491
A 38 years old female presented with complaints of radiating pain on lateral aspect of left thigh and leg. Clinical examination revealed signs of L 4 and L5 radiculopathy. Contrast enhanced MRI of the lumbosacral spine revealed degenerative disc disease with a contrast enhancing lesion with a non enhancing center on the left posterolateral portion of the L4 vertebral body. Differentials considered were a solitary epidural abscess, neurofibroma and a sequestered disc. Post operatively lesion was confirmed to be a sequestered disc material, which had migrated caudally from L2-L3 intervertebral disc space anterolateral to the thecal sac. Contrast enhancement was a feature secondary to associated epidural inflammation -a sign typically associated with a long standing sequestered disc.
  2 16,817 1,099
Fracture of the occipital : Case reports and review of the literature a series of 3 cases
KB Taori, A Disawal, SM Mahajan, V Ingle
October-December 2005, 15(4):473-476
Fracture of the occipital condyle is a rare injury. We report three patients with occipital condyle fracture who presented with neck pain, restricted neck movements; no neurological deficit and unremarkable plain radiographs following fall. Diagnosis was established with high-resolution computed tomography. Hence we recommend high resolution computed tomography evaluation of base of skull in patients of cervical trauma with painful restricted neck movements for detection of subtle base of skull fracture which are not detected by plain radiography.
  2 9,822 305
Progeria - the forgotten face
K Manrai, A Alam, MN Sreeram
October-December 2005, 15(4):459-462
  2 6,080 351
Efficacy of Fallopian tube catheterization for treatment of infertility
MK Dwivedi, R Pal, M Jain, P Sherwani, N Nimbalkar, V Agrawal
October-December 2005, 15(4):521-523
Material and Methods: - Fluoroscopic transcervical fallopian tube catheterization was performed in two hundred and four patient with infertility in whom proximal tubal obstruction was documented by at least two hysterosalpingography procedures. Bilateral block in 147 and unilateral block was seen in 57 cases. All patients were submitted to selective salpingography, patients were followed up for six months at bimonthly interval. Results: - H.S.G revealed proximal tube obstruction in total of 264 tubes of these 258 tubes were successfully cannulated complete tubal patency was achieved in 249 cases. In 12 Cases recanalization was incomplete and hydrosalpinx was seen in 7 tubes. In six months follow up 72 out of 200 patients had pregnancy confirmed by material urine test for pregnancy and subsequent ultrasound examination. All pregnancies were intra uterine. Conclusion: - Fallopian tube catheterization is an effective procedure for infertility caused by proximal tubal obstruction.
  1 13,530 481
Cervico-Mediastinal neural fibrolipoma : Spiral Ct features
K Taori, M Gyanchandani, S Rohatgi, N Ghonge, R Solanke
October-December 2005, 15(4):535-536
  1 3,822 216
Images : Squamous cell carcinoma of hand and wrist developing in burn scar
SV Phatak, PK Kolwadkar
October-December 2005, 15(4):467-468
  1 6,288 263
Cortical sclerosis with central nidus - report of two cases.
NA Pendse, H Rastogi, ML Bera, G Agarwal, Y Gulati
October-December 2005, 15(4):469-472
  1 4,571 209
Sincipital encephalocele with corpus callosum agenesis and intracranial lipoma : A case report
V Upadhyaya, DN Upadhyaya, S Sarkar
October-December 2005, 15(4):507-510
  1 4,824 273
CT and MR angiography in dysphagia lusoria in adults
SK Puri, S Ghuman, P Narang, A Sharma, S Singh
October-December 2005, 15(4):497-501
  1 5,963 384
Pheochromocytoma : Imaging finding.
A Sharma, PK Mishra, D Gupta, KJ Singh
October-December 2005, 15(4):433-436
  - 2,703 266
Pancreatic serous cystadenoma - a case report.
KK Sabharwal, AL Chouhan, MK Saxena
October-December 2005, 15(4):439-441
  - 4,154 223
Ultrasound guided lap assisted management of hydatid cysts of liver
TLN Parveen, TLN Abhishek
October-December 2005, 15(4):443-446
Objective : This technique is to manage deep seated hydatid cysts of liver by a guided minimally invasive method. Design : This is an on going prospective case series, three patients have been treated by this method. Out come : Follow up ultrasound scans revealed complete enucleation of hydatic cysts. Result : This technique has higher treatment satisfaction with minimal intervention and morbidity and better compliance due to early recovery. Conclusion : Initial experience with this technique is encouraging in the management of deep seated hydatid cysts of liver.
  - 3,768 249
"Semi lobar holoprosencephaly"- a case report
V Patil, K Taori, N Sardesai, V Ingle
October-December 2005, 15(4):576-576
  - 2,955 267
Spontaneous vertebral artery dissection
A Atre, M Jagtap, A Nanivadekar, S Vaid, S Rawat
October-December 2005, 15(4):577-579
  - 3,877 251
Rhabdoid tumor of brain - an unusual entity
A Ahluwalia, K Sagar, P Sandhu, V Malhotra, R Bajwa
October-December 2005, 15(4):529-530
  - 2,518 201
Ovarian yolk sac tumor
AN Dave, FA Shah, RP Sagar, HB Raval, CB Patel, GR Agrawal
October-December 2005, 15(4):525-527
  - 4,827 324
Orbital sonography with it's clinico-surgical correlation
OP Sharma
October-December 2005, 15(4):537-554
  - 16,030 1,679
Sinonasal adenoid cystic carcinoma
P Jagmohan, S Sangwan, SK Sethi, RS Solanki
October-December 2005, 15(4):580-580
  - 2,158 191
Color duplex evaluation of peripheral arterial occlusive disease of lower extremities and to determine relationship between severity and number of collaterals associated
NC Sharma, ML Meena
October-December 2005, 15(4):587-588
Materials and methods : 80 Limbs were studied with perepheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD)BY COLOR DUPLEX SONOGRAPHY(CDS) ;and were evaluated for the presence of collaterals. Results : By CDS evaluation for collaterals;it was found that number of collaterals increased with the severity of areterial stenosis Conclusion : Number and freqency of collaterals seen in patients with PAOD depends upon severity of PAOD.
  - 4,670 425
Pigmented villonodular synovitis of the knee : A case report
S Singh, V Chowdhury
October-December 2005, 15(4):455-458
  - 5,791 339
Images - osteochondritis dissecans of knee : MR Imaging
S Singh, V Chowdhury, R Dixit, G Khera
October-December 2005, 15(4):463-466
  - 14,199 1,115
Apert's syndrome - A case report
V Upadhyaya, DN Upadhyaya, S Sarkar
October-December 2005, 15(4):477-480
  - 7,037 659
Characteristic CT and MR features of Krabbe's disease : A case report.
SB Grover, P Gupta, M Jain, A Kumar, P Gulati
October-December 2005, 15(4):503-506
  - 11,714 1,025
Heterotopic central Nervous tissue - nasal glioma : A case report
LG Krishna, R Uppoor, KN Rao, K Harish
October-December 2005, 15(4):511-516
  - 5,285 348
Radiological quiz - neuroradiology
S Singh, V Chowdhury, R Dixit, G Khera
October-December 2005, 15(4):555-556
  - 2,572 202
Radiological quiz - neuroradiology
S Singh, V Chowdhury, R Dixit
October-December 2005, 15(4):557-558
  - 2,501 210
Radiological quiz - neuroradiology
V Upadhyaya, S Sarkar, DN Upadhyaya
October-December 2005, 15(4):559-560
  - 4,008 323
Radiological quiz - head and neck
AG Hombal, S Bansal, KK Hegde
October-December 2005, 15(4):561-562
  - 2,095 206
Radiological quiz - musculoskeletals
S Boppana, MV Ramanappa, IV Ratnam, NV Kumar
October-December 2005, 15(4):563-564
  - 2,229 197
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