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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Jayesh S R General
Dr. Shyamsunder Sabat Neuro
Dr. Sachin Saboo Neuro
Dr. Amin Saburi General
Dr. rahul sachdev Abdominal and genito urinary imaging
Dr. Rahul Sachdev Abdomen
Dr. dr bimal sahani ultrasound
Dr. Dushyant Sahani GI Radiology
Dr. Carsten Sahlmann General
Dr. Hirdesh Sahni Interventional
Dr. Hirdesh Sahni Interventional
Dr. Samaresh Sahu Radiodiagnosis
Dr. Asif Saifuddin Interventional
Dr. Aslan Sakarya Physician
Dr. E Sala GU Radiology
Dr. I Samarasan Surgery
Dr. I S Sameh Physician
Dr. Manavjit Singh Sandhu Body Imaging
Dr. Darshana Sanghvi Neuro
Dr. Shilpa Sankhe Neuro
Dr. Francesco Sardanelli Breast
Dr. Kiran Sargar Pediatric
Dr. Basar Sarikaya GI Radiology
Dr. M Sasani Neurosurgery
Dr. Yuichi Sato Cardiology
Dr. A Savranlar Head and Neck
Dr. Anisha Sawkar Head & Neck Surgery
Dr. Akshay Saxena -
Dr. Sangeeta Saxena Breast
Dr. A Scarsbrook Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Niklaus Schaefer General
Dr. Leonard Schaeffer Obstetrics
Dr. Niklaus Schaeffer General
Dr. Jens-Peter Schenk General
Dr. Rainer Schmitt Cardiac Radiology
Dr. Michele Scialpi GI Radiology
Dr. C Seetharaman General
Dr. T O Seidler General
Dr. Debraj Sen Conventional Radiology
Dr. Jyotsna Sen Women Imaging
Dr. Sumer Sethi MRI
Dr. N K Sferopoulos Orthopedics
Dr. Ankit Shah Muculoskeletal radiology
Dr. Ankur Shah Musculoskeletal Radiology
Dr. Bipin Shah Ultrasonography
Dr. Bipin Shah Ultrasonography
Dr. Diva Shah Oncoimaging
Dr. Gaurang Shah Neuro
Dr. Jeshil Shah Cardio
Dr. Mohit Shah Musculoskeletal
Dr. Neha Shah Breast imaging
Dr. Feroze Shaheen General
Dr. Sikandar Shaikh Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Raju Shama Body Imaging
Dr. Alampady Shanbhogue Neuro
Dr. Deepika Raina Shangloo General
Dr. Ashok Sharma Neuro
Dr. Monika Sharma GI Radiology
Dr. N C Sharma Neuro
Dr. O Sharma Ultrasonography
Dr. Pankaj Sharma GI Radiology
Dr. Ruchika Sharma General
Dr. S B Sharma Pediatrician
Dr. Sanjay Sharma GU Radiology
Dr. Sanjiv Sharma General
Dr. Shelly Sharma Breast
Dr. Ashu Sheith Chest
Dr. Osman Sherif -
Dr. Rahul Sheth Intervention
Dr. Swapnil Sheth Body Imaging
Dr. S J Sheu Ophthalmology
Dr. H S Shi Chest
Dr. Hiroaki Shimamoto Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Atul Shinagare GI Radiology
Dr. Nidhi Shrivastava Musculoskeletal
Dr. Manu Shroff Neuro
Dr. Aparna Shyamkumar Thoracic Radiology
Dr. William Simpson GU Radiology
Dr. Anuradha Singh Chest
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Muculoskeletal radiology
Dr. Harkirat Singh Molecular imaging
Dr. Harkirat Singh Molecular imaging
Dr. Jagadeesh Singh Molecular imaging
Dr. Jagadeesh Singh Intervention
Dr. Navneet Singh Musculoskeletal
Dr. Paramjeet Singh Neuro Radiology
Dr. Satinder Singh Cardiovascular Radiology
Dr. alka singhal Ultrasound
Dr. Subhash Singla General
Dr. Anindita Sinha Musculoskeletal
Dr. Anindita Sinha Musculoskeletal
Dr. Pragati Sinha General
Dr. Sanjib Sinha Neuro
Dr. P Sithinamsuwan Neurology
Dr. Kushaljit Sodhi Pediatric
Dr. Anne Sohn General
Dr. Rajendra Solanki Head and neck
Dr. Bhaskar Somani Urology
Dr. Vimal Someshwar Interventional
Dr. Neetu Soni -
Dr. Sonali Soni Women's Imaging
Dr. Ramita Sood Oral Surgery
Dr. F Sorrentino Ultrasound
Dr. Georgopoulos Sotiris Interventional
Dr. C Sreedhar Body Imaging
Dr. M N Sreeram CT
Dr. Jayashri Srinivasan General
Dr. Sivasubramanian Srinivasan Interventional
Dr. Sivasubramanian Srinivasan Interventional
Dr. Smiti Sripathi General
Dr. Rajendra Srivastava General
Dr. Luca Stoppino General
Dr. seema sud Neuroradiology
Dr. Rajan Sukhthankar GI Radiology
Dr. Rajan Sukthankar GI Radiology
Dr. Gaurav Sundar Interventional
Dr. Murali Sundaram Musculoskeletal
Dr. A Sundin PET
Dr. Binit Sureka Chest
Dr. S K Susheel Kumar CT
Dr. T S Swaminathan General
Dr. Sara Swanson Neuro
Dr. M Swiatkowska-Freund Obstetrics
Dr. Faiz Syed -
Dr. Matthis Synofzik Neuro
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