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: 2006  |  Volume : 16  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 937--938

Radiological quiz - musculoskeletal

RR Kumar, MV Ramanappa, P Satish 
 Department of Radio Diagnosis, Santhiram Medical College / Santhiram General Hospital, Nandyal-518501, Andhra Pradesh, India

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R R Kumar
Dept of Radio Diagnosis, Santhiram General Hospital, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh

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A 40 Year old Male presented with H/O fall and was referred for X - Ray of Left Ankle to R/O Fracture of Left Ankle bones

X - Ray of Left Ankle was taken and is shown below

What is your Diagnosis?

 Radiological Diagnosis


Radiograph shows presence of a well defined lucent lesion in between trabecular areas of the Calcanium Thin Sclerotic margins are seen. Central calcification is seen


Intraosseous Lipoma is a rare benign bone lesion with no Presenting Symptoms or rarely mild pain in the region Prevalence of Intraosseous Lipoma is 0.1% of all primary bone tumours Intraosseous Lipoma occurs in both sexes and is seen in metaphysis of long bones. Common sites are Calcaneum 15% Proximal Femur 15%, Tibia 15% Fibula 20%

Milligram has staged Intraosseous Lipoma into Three stages

Stage I Solid Tumor of Viable LipocytesStage II Transitional Cases with Partial fat necrosis and focal calcification and regions of viable lipocytes Death of fat cells with variable degree of cyst formation, calcification and reactive new bone formation

Radiological features:Stage I: Introsseous lipoma is seen as a well defined lucent lesion due to resorption of bony trabecule

Stage II lucent lesion with thin sclerotic border and central calcification is seen - "Target pattern" can be expansile

Stage III calcification with sclerosis is seen reactive new bone may be seen

Differential Diagnosis:

Simple bone cystAneurismal Bone cystFibrous dysplasia Bone infarcts[4]


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