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April-June  2017 |Vol  27 |  Issue 2  RSS Feed
Subtle versus the obvious – “Is it time for the Smart Radiologist?
With the great ability to “heal” and save human lives comes the responsibility and expectations bestowed upon medical professionals by the society. We try our best to maintain the highest ...
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Alteration in the number and integrity of white matter tracts in the preterm: A quantitative diffusion tensor imaging and diffusion fibre tractography in children
Purpose: Periventricular white matter is most commonly injured in preterm babies with hypoxia. To assess white matter damage, we decided to perform diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in preterm chi...
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Neuroradiology   Neuroradiology
MRI features in dengue encephalitis: A case series in South Indian tertiary care hospital   Sequential MR imaging (with diffusion-weighted imaging) changes in metronidazole-induced encephalopathy
Dengue virus, a RNA virus of family Flaviviradae is considered non-neurotropic. Increasing studies and case reports reveal neurological manifestations of dengue virus. In our case series, we have eval...   Metronidazole-induced neuro-toxicity, though rare, is known. A characteristic spatial distribution of lesions in cerebellar dentate nuclei and dorsal pons is known. However, temporal progression of le...
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