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July-September  2019 |Vol  29 |  Issue 3  RSS Feed
CT FFR A paradigm shift in evaluation of coronary artery disease
Invasive catheter coronary angiography has long been considered the reference standard for diagnosis of coronary artery disease. Decisions regarding revascularization procedures have traditionally b...
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Chest Imaging
Imaging protocols for CT chest: A recommendation
Computed Tomography (CT) is the mainstay of diagnostic imaging evaluation of thoracic disorders. However, there are a number of CT protocols ranging from a simple non-contrast CT at one end of the s...
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Interventional Radiology   Interventional Radiology
Radiation dose reference card for interventional radiology procedures: Experience in a tertiary referral centre   Computed tomography guided radio-frequency ablation of osteoid osteomas in atypical locations
Background: Fluoroscopy-guided interventions can potentially increase radiation risk to patients, if awareness on angiographic imaging technique and radiation dose is neglected. Aim: T...   Purpose: Percutaneous radio-frequency ablation is a minimally invasive treatment option for osteoid osteomas. The ablation process is straightforward in the more common locations like the fem...
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